be confident and knowing

Confidence Mentorship programs to gain the ultimate confidence in your extraordinary life.


In order for us to create a strong foundation, we need to first do some self reflection- otherwise known as awakening.

Through this process we figure out why we are struggling and what we have been hanging onto that is holding us back from creating an extraordinary life.


This is probably one of the biggest steps one can take in their journey to setting a strong foundation.

This is where we decide what it is we want from life and what we are going to create for our life. What goals, dreams and desires do we have?


Once we have completed the first two steps, it’s time to take action and set out to build that extraordinary life.

I will assist you in finding the tools we need to create that life.

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I’m bree cook

Certified Mentor and Mindset Coach

I help women find the ultimate confidence in themselves so that they can undoubtedly create an extraordinary life.